5 Reasons Why Moms of Teenagers Don’t Know Anything

Mother's Little Helper Pill BoxAre you a mom who feels like you don’t know anything thanks to your kids?

Teenagers every day subtly strive to convince moms just how little we know.

I submit for you five examples of how my son tries to make it clear that he knows everything because he is a teenager and I know nothing because I am a mom.

5 Teenage Responses to Mom Wisdom:

1. What mom sees is wrong.

“Look at that big tree, Brian!”

(Sigh). “It’s a sequoia, Mom.”


“Wow, the moon is bright tonight, Brian!”

“Mom, the moon does not give off a light of its own. The moon reflects the sun’s light.”

2. How mom doesn’t understand “real” time.

“Come on Brian, it’s 7:30–let’s go!”

“It’s only 7:29, Mom!”

3. Why a mom’s temperature is always off.

“Wow, it’s hot today, Brian. I think its 90 degrees out.”

(Glancing up from i-Touch) “It’s only 92, Mom.”

4. When mom has terrible taste for what’s “cool.”

“What about these tennis shoes, Brian?”

(sigh) “They’re skater shoes, Mom.”

5. Why moms don’t understand technology.

“Brian, is that your iPhone on the floor?”

“It’s an iPad Touch, Mom.”

Do you have this kind of conversation with your teenager? I’m on to his game though. I handle it by going quietly into my room and banging my head against the wall.

I’m told they grow out of this.

For both of our sakes, I hope it’s soon.

Until next time –